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Azhar Shahzad

Open and closed Traversing with the help of Prismatic Compass

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For open Traversing


Following procedure is adopted in case of open traversing with the help of prismatic compass,

  • We will setup the compass at point A, B, C and so on and note the Fore Bearing and back Bearing of lines.
  • The length of lines or legs are measured by chain twice and mean lengths are calculated.

During taking measurements in the field the method used angular measurement and linear measurement should be of same standard of accuracy, i.e either combination of Prismatic compass and Chain or combination of Theodolite and Metallic tape.

For closed Traversing

In case of closed Traversing while using Prismatic compass the interior angles can be calculated by comparing the bearings of adjacent lines. The above rule also applied in case of closed Traverse with Theodolite.

Check for closed Traverse

∑ Interior angles = (2N - 4) × 90°, where N is no of sides of closed Traverse.

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