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CategoryMaterialWeight (kg/m^2)
FloorsTerrazzo tile25 mm thick65
Ceramic or quarry tile20 mm thick50
Linoleum or vinyl6 mm thick5
Mastic20 mm thick45
Hardwood20 mm thick18
Softwood20 mm thick12.5
Clay tile75 mm thick85
100 mm thick90
150 mm thick140
200 mm thick170
250 mm thick200
PartitionsGypsum board50 mm thick47.5
75 mm thick52.5
100 mm thick62.5
125 mm thick70
150 mm thick92.5
RoofsBuilt-up3-ply ready roofing5
3-ply felt and gravel27.5
5-ply felt and gravel30
Clay tile45 – 70
Slate (6 mm thick)50
SheathingWood (20 mm thick)15
Gypsum (25 mm thick)20
Insulation (per 25 mm thickness)Loose2.5
WallsBricks100 mm thick200
200 mm thick400
300 mm thick600
Hollow concrete block (heavy aggregate)100 mm thick150
150 mm thick215
200 mm thick275
300 mm thick400
Hollow concrete block (light aggregate)100 mm thick105
150 mm thick150
200 mm thick190
300 mm thick275
Clay tile Load Bearing100 mm thick125
150 mm thick150
200 mm thick165
300 mm thick225
Plastering (25 mm thick)Cement50
Stone(100 mm thick)275
Structural glass(25 mm thick)75
Corrugated asbestos(6 mm thick)15

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